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37 Years of Septic Experience:

Since 1978, Razor Rooter, Inc. has provided all the septic installation, cleaning, pumping, maintenance, repair and replacement services necessary for your Kansas City area home.  We offer uncomplicated, affordable septic services that can help you to avoid future expenses.  Don’t worry about the hassles of cleaning and pumping your septic tank.  Call us today and our knowledgeable, licensed master plumbers can do it for you!   

Kansas City Septic System Installation:

If you want to install a new septic system in Kansas City, we will begin by analyzing how much wastewater your home is likely to produce.  We may perform a couple of different tests and we will do a site evaluation.  After that, we can decide how large of a septic tank and drainage field you need.  Next, we decide where to install your holding tank based on local regulations and the soil quality.  We will dig the hole for the septic holding tank with our backhoe as well as the inlet and outlet pipes.  We will then install the septic holding tank, the pipes, and a manhole riser so that your septic tank can be easily located in the future.  Finally, your drainage field will be installed based on the size of your septic tank, the type of soil you have, and the technology you will use to absorb the water.  

Septic System Cleaning and Pumping Services in Kansas City:

We clean and pump Kansas City septic systems to keep your system functioning well for years to come.  Generally, septic systems need cleaning and pumping every 3 to 5 years.  But if you notice any of the following, it’s time for septic pumping:  

Maintenance of Your Septic System in Kansas City:

You will need regular maintenance of your septic system, and Razor Rooter, Inc. can properly maintain your system so that it does not back up and overflow.  If your septic system backs up and overflows, you will spend thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.  We don’t want you to experience this messy disaster, so call us today for regular septic maintenance in Kansas City, Overland Park and Lee’s Summit.

Kansas City Septic Repairs:

Razor Rooter, Inc. offers full-service septic repair services to our residential customers throughout the greater Kansas City area. We only suggest the most cost-effective solutions for your repair needs, use only the highest quality materials available, and always follow all codes governing the municipalities in which we are performing our septic repairs.  We can replace worn leach lines and outlet fittings, and can lengthen your existing leach lines and/or add additional lines to your septic system as needed. We perform tight line repairs both between the septic tank and your home as well as the tank and the septic system drain field. In addition, we can remove and pour the concrete layer again protecting your septic tank and improving the septic system's structural integrity.  We can also repair existing manhole risers or install new ones, so you have easy access to your septic system.

Septic Replacement in Kansas City:

And if your Kansas City area septic system needs replacement, we will handle that for you too.  All or portions of your current septic system will be removed and replaced according to the latest requirements for septic systems.  If you want it done right, call us, the licensed professionals!

Plumbing is Our Passion in Kansas City:

Since 1978, we have had a passion for performing high quality plumbing, drain cleaning, septic, sewer, water heater and camera inspection services for residential and commercial applications in Kansas City, Overland Park and Lee’s Summit.  We have seen a lot of unique situations over these years, and we know how to keep your home or business functioning well.  Put our experience to work!  Let us help you with your next plumbing, septic, or sewer repair or replacement.  We want your home or business to be in service for years to come!

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